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Pellet Extrusion 3D Printing

Pellet Extrusion on Titan’s Atlas 3D printers is advancing additive manufacturing by expanding the number of materials that can be 3D printed with, decreasing raw material costs and increasing print speed with higher deposition rates compared to traditional filament 3D printing.

Pellet Extrusion

New Materials

The Pellet Extrusion System on the Atlas allows you to utilize materials that have never been 3D printed with before on traditional filament extrusion systems. The expanded range of available materials include thermal expanding foam, extremely soft and flexible resins, widely used polypropylene and nylons, and extremely rigid materials and high fill glass and carbon fiber polycarbontes and more.

Reducing Costs

The Pellet Extrusion System uses widely available injection molding pellets that range in cost from $1 to $10 per pound on commodity resins, and $10 to $30 per pound on exotic resins. Material costs are greatly reduced compared to filament, which ranges from $10 to $100 per pound.

Shorter Print Times

Titan’s Pellet Extrusion System can reach maximum extrusion rates of 18 pounds per hour, with average printing pounds per hour ranging from 5 to 8 pounds per hour. The Pellet Extrusion System’s high deposition rates means extremely large parts can be printed in one to two days versus weeks with filament extrusion.


We build advanced, large-format additive manufacturing systems.

We care about quality 3D printers at affordable prices

Titan’s passion is to improve additive manufacturing on a large scale by designing and building industrial 3D printing systems.

Titan Robotics takes a different approach to large-format 3D printing.

Titan uses the same principals seen in industrial CNC machinery when fabricating 3D printers, instead of scaling up inadequate technology used in small 3D printers commonly seen in today’s market.

Titan uses high quality, CNC components and precision machined steel to build our machines. Titan’s goal is to provide solutions in additive manufacturing, through our standard industrial 3D printers or through purpose built systems for unique applications.


Our Story


We start with a rigid steel frame and CNC quality components.


Our closed loop servo machines print premier quality parts every time.


We can design and build systems custom to your unique application.


Whether it’s remote or in the field, our 3D printing experts have you covered.


The ATLAS™ is Titan Robotics’ flagship 3-axis industrial 3D printer, compatible with both high flow filament and Pellet extruders. With three standard build volumes ranging from 30″X x 30″Y x 45″Z to 42″X x 42″Y x 48″Z, the Atlas can be customized to meet the needs of our clients. The Atlas is powered by Yaskawa servo motors and controller. Available as an open air machine or with a heated enclosure, the Atlas is designed with premium quality electronics and precision components on all axes for maximum speed, accuracy, and reliability.




Titan Robotics also provides 3D printing services for customers both in the United States and around the globe. If you’d like us to print your large-format part, please send us the file and request a quote. For more information on our service bureau work, click here.


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  • Titan Robotics is one of those special companies originally founded by makers for makers. Building a versatile lineup of large 3D printers for hobbyists as well as manufacturers, their focus is on offering 3D printers built by them with high quality components at the most affordable prices.

  • Titan Robotics was exceptional in customer service and turn around time. He understood exactly what I wanted. They provided for me what other companies could not and at an affordable price.

    Bruce – Owner, Hammond Brother Motorsports

  • Our new Titan Robotics 3D printer has been a great asset to us since the day we got it. Not only does it print at a good clip, but the resolution is great and the build box allows for much larger prints in one-piece form. Their product support has been exceptional and I would highly recommend it to anyone needing a dependable 3D printer.

    Michael Triebold – Founder, Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center

  • Titan Robotics has brought a lot of benefits to our company. The ability to print large format parts is a game-changing feature of our business. While there are many large format printers on the market, with more each day, I would challenge many of them to bring the same quality and service to the table that Clay and Titan Robotics does. This printer will be a competitor in this space for years to come.

    Justin Finesilver – Director of Operations, The 3D Printing Store

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